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Anglican Patriarch Appoints Commissioner George Mentz Esquire as Chancellor


The Most Rev Dr. C Lwanga Tusubira, Presiding Patriarch of the Worldwide Anglican Church, is pleased to announce the appointment of Commissioner George Mentz, Esquire, as the new Chancellor for the worldwide church, effective as of February 1 of this year. Notably, Dr./Jur Mentz is the first American to assume this esteemed canonical position.



The Chancellor, the Worshipful Dr. George Sherwood Mentz JD MBA DSS CILA is very grateful to the House of Bishops. Commissioner Mentz, a lifelong Anglican with roots in New Orleans, holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, earned through his studies at Loyola University Law School, Tulane Law School, and William and Mary Law School, where he served as Editor-in-Chief of the Tax & Estate Planning Law Review. Mentz also holds and earned DSS Doctor of Spiritual Studies from the Emerson Theological Institute. His professional journey includes presidential appointments for the White House, participation on various global boards such as the Global Finance Forum Switzerland and The Resource Exchange which provides $25 million per year to those in need in the community. Mentz currently serves as a Civil Service Commissioner and an Airport Commissioner, and as a Law Professor at a prominent Top-Tier U.S. law school. Throughout his career, Mentz has provided legal representation to numerous companies and charities across more than 40 nations.


In 2023, Mentz was consecrated as special prelate for Nigeria by Bishop Seun Adeoye, and he subsequently received a nomination in his Chancellor position from Senior Archbishop Primate Most Rev. Dr. Jan Beaderstadt, with the Patriarch bestowing upon him the title of The Chancellor of the Worldwide Anglican Church and Executive Director of USA, Colorado.

Prof. Mentz is married to Dr. G S Mentz, who is a practicing physician, and together, they are proud parents of three children. He is an active member of the Pauline Chapel, where he also serves on the boards of several universities and commissions both within and outside of the USA. Mentz takes immense pride in his ability to serve the Anglican Church Worldwide. Over the last 30 years, Mentz has served boards and vestries for Anglican Communion Churches.


Presiding Patriarch The Most Rev Dr. C Lwanga Tusubira expressed his gratitude for George Mentz’s desire to serve in high office. George has devoted his exceptional talents to serving the Worldwide Church for over three decades, under the guidance of various Bishops, making him a cherished confidant and advisor for Africa, Europe, Asia, the USA and Latin America. Mentz said, “I am truly thankful that they have granted this opportunity to serve has a High Chancellor of Law for the Worldwide Anglican Church.”

It is noteworthy that Dr. George Mentz is the first lawyer in the USA to hold credentials including a Juris Doctor, MBA, CILS International Law Certification, wealth management qualifications, management consultant qualifications, and law licenses. He has recently been recognized with awards as a global thought leader and influencer in fields such as Management, HR, Project Management, FinTech, and Wealth Management. From a European standpoint, Mentz is also the Titular Seigneur of the Fief Blondel in Normandy which is one of the oldest Fiefs in the world similar to principality and Seigneurs of Monaco. Mentz is the CEO of the Aspen Commission  and serves on the Board of the Anglican Commission. Mentz is the first Sicilian Egyptian Hispanic with French German Irish Scotish and English and Native American Ancestry to hold such a high position in the Church.

In accordance with Canon 18 of the Anglican Church, the Patriarch has the authority to appoint a qualified International Lawyer, such as Dr. George Mentz, JD MBA CILS, as the Chancellor, who serves as the Chief Legal Officer of the Worldwide Anglican Church and Chief Legal Representative of the Patriarch and Archbishop. Additionally, the Chancellor assumes the role of chair of the Jurisprudence Committee and is a legal professional who also serves as a Judge of the consistory court within the Anglican Church.

The Worshipful is an honorific style of address for all Chancellors – A Chancellor’s role as a judge, presiding over any consistory or ecclesiastical court, determines that the individual should be styled in this manner. [12]  [13]

Chancellors are addressed on the bench as “Worshipful Sir” or “Sir” and are styled “The Worshipful”.

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