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Manorial Rights Feudal Fiefs and Lordship Research Links

Articles About  Seigneurs or Fiefs:


Here is a curated list of links and descriptions about fiefs in Guernsey, detailing their historical context and significance:

  1. ArcGIS - Guernsey Fiefs: Provides an interactive map to explore the historical and cultural divisions known as fiefs across the island of Guernsey. View map

  2. Lord of Anneville - Fief of Anneville: Highlights the historical significance of the Fief of Anneville, established in 1061, and its role in demonstrating Guernsey's Norman heritage and pre-conquest autonomy. Read more

  3. - History of the Fiefs: Discusses the introduction of Norman manorialism to Guernsey in 1020, the establishment of a squirearchy, and the rights and duties associated with fief courts. Discover details

  4. Guernsey Museums - Tudor Period in Guernsey: Covers the Tudor period's impact on Guernsey's fiefs, including local adaptations to English laws and the religious practices of the time. Learn more

  5. Fief Blondel: Details the history of the Fief of Thomas Blondel, which emerged from medieval subdivisions and maintained traditional feudal rights over the centuries. Explore further


Here is a curated list of links with descriptions about manorial rights, which detail various aspects from their historical context to modern implications:

  1. Wikipedia - Manorialism: Provides a comprehensive overview of the manorial system, its economic, social, and legal aspects in medieval Europe. Visit here

  2. World History Encyclopedia - Manorialism: Discusses the structure and function of the manorial system, highlighting the roles of serfs and free laborers. More info

  3. Britannica - Manorialism: Offers insights into the physical layout of manors and the life of peasants within this feudal system. Read more

  4. GOV.UK - Practice guide 22: manors: Outlines legal procedures concerning manorial lands and rights in England and Wales. Check it out


Here are some valuable resources for books about feudal titles and fiefs:

  1. "The Libri Feudorum" - This is an annotated English translation of the earliest written body of feudal customs in Europe, which played a crucial role in shaping modern ideas of feudalism. This book provides both historical and historiographical perspectives on feudal laws and their impact over centuries​ (Brill )​.

  2. "Fiefs and Vassals: The Medieval Evidence Reinterpreted" by Susan Reynolds - This book challenges traditional concepts of feudalism by reinterpreting medieval evidence and provides a new perspective on the relationships and social structures of the time​ (Open Scholarship )​.

  3. "Feudalism" in "The Oxford Handbook of the Ancien Régime" - This entry provides a detailed overview of the feudal system, including the social, economic, and political structures that characterized medieval Europe​ (Oxford Academic )​.

  4. "Feudalism: The Fief and the Rise of the Vassal" - This article discusses the origins and development of feudalism, focusing on the exchange of land for military service and the mutual obligations that defined the relationship between lords and vassals​ (MedievalNutshell )​.

  5. "Fiefs, Homage and the ‘Investiture Quarrel’" - This chapter from the book "Reframing the Feudal Revolution" explores the detailed dynamics of feudal relationships, particularly focusing on the concepts of homage and the historical context of the Investiture Controversy​ (Cambridge University Press & Assessment )​.