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La Genouinne or Nipple Rock Island  Rocquaine Bay, Guernsey.


La Genouinne or Nipple Rock Island - The Lords of the Isles of the Crown

    • La Genouinneis a captivating rock formation located near Les Pezeries and Pleinmont in Guernsey that is part of the Foreshore and Seasted of the Fief Thomas Blondel territory.
    • While there isn’t an extensive historical record specifically dedicated to La Genouinne, its rugged beauty and unique shape have made it a notable landmark in the area.
    • The name itself is intriguing, and it’s said to evoke images of a mystical and ancient presence.
    • Visitors and locals alike appreciate the dramatic views of the surrounding coastline from this rocky outcrop.
    • Although it doesn’t have a detailed historical narrative, La Genouinneremains a symbol of Guernsey’s natural heritage.
    • The Seigneur of Fief Blondel also claims A few islands such as La Genouinne or Nipple Rock Island in Rocquaine Bay &  La Genouinne, bato,Show location on an interactive map 49.445°N 2.6825°W 
    • ** Note all humans, pets, boats, swimmers, and vessels and all others are warned to stay away from any rocks or dangers in the bays.
    • NippleMap

Rocquaine Bay itself is a picturesque spot, with shingle beaches and patches of glorious sand. The breathtaking views of the Cup and Saucer (also known as Fort Grey) add to its allure. Locals and tourists alike enjoy sunbathing and swimming in this rural parish, making it a delightful destination during your stay in Guernsey 1 2 3.

While the historical details of these specific rock formations remain somewhat mysterious, their natural beauty continues to captivate those who visit the stunning coastline of Guernsey. 


Rocquaine Bay Link - Google Maps

Link to Government Map of Guernsey showing islands and rocks and foreshores ADAS_Agricultural_Land_Classification.pdf ( 


*Whispers of the Sea**

Amidst the rugged cliffs and salt-kissed air,
Nipple Rock stands sentinel, weathered and bare.
Its name, a mystery—a nipple, a breast,
A rocky embrace where waves find their rest.

Centuries ago, wooden vessels sailed by,
Their hulls slicing through waves, reaching for sky.
But fate, capricious as the tides that churn,
Led some astray, toward Nipple Rock's stern.

The sea, a siren, lured ships to their doom,
Their timbers splintered, lost in the gloom.
Sailors clung to hope, their prayers afloat,
As Nipple Rock claimed them, one by one, remote.

Perhaps a merchant ship laden with spices,
Or a pirate's vessel, seeking hidden vices,
Their stories etched in salt and seaweed,
Echoing through time, a haunting need.

And so, Nipple Rock remains—a silent witness,
Its craggy form a monument to maritime distress.
The waves still murmur secrets of the past,
As shipwrecks slumber, embraced by the mast.

Next time you gaze upon Nipple Rock's face,
Remember those lost souls, their final grace.
For in its rugged beauty lies a tale untold,
Where shipwrecks rest, and legends unfold.